Nant Crogfryn Dusk & Woodpecker

Recording Date 11/6/2015

I wanted to explore the surrounding area to juxtapose my experience of Trefechan brook. The next brook along from Trefechan north is Nant Crogfryn. A deep gorge-like valley that covered in woodland, and I hope plenty of wildlife. I set up with six microphones next to the river and moved out of position while I recorded. I sat near a well-trodden path that I was soon to find was a route foxes would use. As I sat there, motionless,  I was greeted by a startled looking fox, not three meters away from me, I was able to tell he was a young fox maybe two or three. After a short while, he shot off the way he came. 

I was a little surprised to witness that this brook evidenced much less variety of birdlife and much more subtle activity. Two main differences I can point out between Nant Trefechan and Crogfryn is that Nant Trefechan is backed on to by Gardens and that the stream supplied by a Dam that is stocked with trout. The other difference is that the sun at Trefychan lights up the brook for much longer where as Crogfryn is overcast.

Another recording trip caught this greater spotted woodpecker.

IMG 0681

© Huw McGregor 2015