Metronic (It's Here!)

Metronic 10'41" Stereo for Diffussion

Metro Athens Esc

‘Metronic’ is the soundscape of the Metro in Athens in 2014. The soundscape is an unusual Athraphonic lattice, which requires no treatment to express its sonic diversity. To explore this as a study in my theory, I selected two sine waves for left and right speaker, which would express their gestural signatures in the Acousmatic field of the performance space. The sine waves, give no more impression than exactly what they stand for, pulsating sonic eterties that explore a given space or a synthesized voice performed in abstract and crystalized within the sound field of the performance space. The soundscape of the metro sits within distal space, and the sounds are within proximity, and do not explore the depths of the observable space, but are within an enclosed environment of perception. However, the recording acquires another depth as the sound travels to a from the tunnels, and as the sound is received and perceived, we are most certainly exploring the depths of the observable space as the train moves down the tunnel.

These parameters demonstrate the opportunity to showcase the depth, from mind space to the observable space. And this was achieved as the train sound would glissando upward with more ferocity, the soundscape would be subtly taken over by the sound wave as the train would begin to glissando downward, and fading out the soundscape leaving the sine wave in its simplest form and at its peak. Completing the transcending mode from Observable space to Mind space.

Metro Athens 2
© Huw McGregor 2015