Piano Psyche

Piano Psyche - © Huw McGregor 2003


Commissioned by artist Edward Povey, the work is designed to be a journey through the psyche. The thematic piano at first seems to be disparate and individual events, but in fact over the duration of the work evolves into a long drawn out melody. The melody throughout the work waves in and out of other recorded sounds, be it snippets of radio hiss or programming to timely sonic events, which conclude or develop subtly. The use of the radio proved to be a useful way of moving from different personas, characters, thoughts, situations, etc. With the addition of recorded material from the street and shops gave an additional focus for foreground and background material, personalising the compositional method.  Upon first listening of this work, please relax and let the journey begin.

Edward Povey Murial

Edward Povey Mural at Powis Hall University of Wales Bangor


© Huw McGregor 2015